Living differently in the north of Eindhoven – Buurtschap te Veld

Living differently in the north of Eindhoven – Buurtschap te Veld

This new neighbourhood forms a special district, in which 670 sustainable and affordable homes are being built in groups distributed throughout the district. Buurtschap te Veld is located in an almost hidden spot in the north of Eindhoven, between the city and nature. Here, in the beautiful landscape, a new neighbourhood is being created where people can live and socialise in a good atmosphere.

Types of houses in the Buurtschap

This innovative and original neighbourhood can accommodate all kinds of residents. Whether you have a family and want to live on the border of city and nature, whether you are younger or older, or whether you are looking for a home on your own. Many people can find a place here because there are both social rental properties and other options. Think, for example, of middle-rent, self-build or even living in an innovation experiment. You name it, it is possible in this special part of Eindhoven. It is precisely the mix of all ages and family compositions that ensures a balanced society.

What do these properties offer?

Besides the ideal location between city and nature and the sustainable and affordable designs, living in this new neighbourhood brings much more. For example, you will have your own terrace or veranda, which is located in the many public green spaces that you look out for. To safeguard this greenery, any cars can be parked a little further away. The collective outdoor space has not yet been laid down in design. It will be designed by you, together with your fellow neighbourhood residents, according to your own wishes. In this way, you determine what the outdoor space will look like and how you will live together in it. How cool is that?

When are the houses available?

The first cluster of homes was completed this autumn. The other clusters will become available recently. In 2022, you can therefore live in a place that can offer you a real quality of life, in a new form of living together. And all this without having to give up your job, social life and family needs that are located in the city of Eindhoven. Does this sound like something for you? Then you can find more information and atmospheric impressions on the website of Buurtschap de Veld.

Are you looking for a new home in or around Eindhoven, but is this new-build project not the one for you? Then feel free to contact us or read our other blogs to find out which project is right for you.