GeWoon Eindhoven: Nice homes for normal prices

GeWoon Eindhoven: Nice homes for normal prices

Yes, you read it correctly! They are almost impossible to find in today’s housing market: Normal prices. But we have found something that will make you really happy, if you are looking for a nice, sustainable house, at the edge of Eindhoven city centre and affordable. A combination that is rare nowadays. But GeWoon Eindhoven makes it happen.

Old houses in Eindhoven replaced by new ones

Since January 2020, a start has been made on the transformation of old working-class houses from 1918 into new owner-occupied and rented homes at Vredesplein and its surroundings. No fewer than 450 homes will be realized, located around three small parks. A surprising new residential area, the project has been named GeWoon Eindhoven. In English this means; just Eindhoven. And that describes very well what the houses are about. Just nice living just outside the centre of Eindhoven, in a sustainable and well-equipped house, without having to give up your salary every month for rent or mortgage costs. That makes us all happy, doesn’t it?

Distribution of the houses

The homes will be built and delivered in four phases. There are also different types of homes that will be built in these phases. There are rental houses, social rental houses and private sector rental houses. There will also be owner-occupied homes. In principle, this project will therefore result in a large number of houses, which are bound to include those that fit your budget and wishes.

Interested in a house of GeWoon Eindhoven?

As the properties are divided into different types of rental and owner-occupied homes, there are also several parties that deal with the provision of housing. We list them for you:

Please note! The owner-occupied homes are already (expectedly) no longer available in the final phase. However, there are still a few houses available on Eindhoven’s ring road. You can find these via the link above. This link does not lead you to the houses for sale of this project around Vredesplein.

As you can already see, these are the ideal properties for couples with plans for the future, (young) families and people who want to live near the centre of Eindhoven with enough peace and quiet. And all that for prices that won’t give you a heart attack. We hope that we can give you another good tip today. By the way, the last phase of this project will be completed by spring 2021 (expected). So if you are interested, don’t wait too long to react or to request information!