All-in-one living in Eindhoven: Donna has it all!

All-in-one living in Eindhoven: Donna has it all!

All-in-one living in Eindhoven: Donna has it all!

You have living and then you have LIVING! The Donna project really goes one step further and you can tell that from everything. Would you like to live on a large scale and maybe even work? Are you ready to take the next step to a higher level in the years to come? Then you need Donna. And Donna needs you to keep the level up! This already available residential project could well be the perfect solution for you to combine living and working close to home in Eindhoven.

Life in our Donna: more than just Eindhoven

Where the famous Philips building once stood, Donna can now take in the atmosphere. And she does. Unique, guts, willpower, and creativity are words that come to mind when you see the building and its surroundings. Exactly as architect Stefan de Bever intended it to be when designing the building. A lot of glass ensures transparency and an excess of light in the building. The building’s grandeur is more than shown off to its best advantage by the layout of the various floors.

Living and working in one building. It can be done!

As many as 26 work lofts and 34 residential lofts are spread over the many floors of the building. In addition, the ground floor contains a huge public area with possible catering facilities, to make meeting people as central as possible. On the seventh floor, there is even an outdoor courtyard where you can get some fresh air while enjoying a beautiful view. It arouses a sense of level and professionalism in anyone who experiences it. From start-ups to large companies, everyone can work and live here!

Sustainable living is a real plus in Eindhoven projects

When it comes to eco-friendly luxury, Donna delivers. From underfloor heating to floor cooling and solar control glass. When we think of the future, this building is definitely on the right track. Here you can always live and work in a stable environment.

Practical information about Donna

Apart from the fact that Donna is beautiful in itself, it is also in a great location. With the bus station, restaurants, supermarket, and train and tram stations nearby, everything is close by. Donna has 34 homes for sale, but sales have already started. So be quick if you want to move into your new, innovative place in Eindhoven this year!

Wondering how to get to the Donna as soon as possible? Please contact us and we will help you further!

*The picture in this post is NOT Donna. ­čÖé