Renting in Eindhoven in the next few years? Then this is for you!

Renting in Eindhoven in the next few years? Then this is for you!

Renting in Eindhoven in the next few years? Then this is for you!

Having to search for a good place to stay at the last minute is no longer an option in today’s housing market. There is more demand for housing than can be offered and therefore Eindhoven is busy with new housing projects to be completed this or next year that can offer a place to live for many people. This includes the Edge project, which will be completed in the next few years.

Residential plans of the Edge Eindhoven

This complex will be built with the aim of realizing as many as 175 rental homes. Therefore, there will only be rental properties available and no owner-occupied properties. The building will have a spacious internal bicycle shed, where residents can collectively store 420 bicycles safely, dry, and ‘at home’. Consideration has also been given to the cars of the residents. An accompanying car park will be built under the building, so that you, as a resident, can be sure that your car will always be safely parked and that you will not have to walk miles to find that last free parking space. All your means of transport have been well thought out. Would you rather go by public transport? Then we have a surprise for you!

Where will we find Edge Eindhoven in the future?

The Edge Eindhoven will be built on the edge of Eindhoven city centre, practically next to the railway station. This means that there are plenty of public transport options, both by train and by bus. This makes the building ideal for people who have to work in (the vicinity of) Eindhoven in the coming years. A shopping centre can also be found within a one-kilometer radius, so you will always have everything close at hand.

How will the building be divided up?

The building will be divided into different types of rental housing. There will be a choice of two-, three- and four-bedroom flats and the corresponding surface areas. The plan is to divide the building as follows:

  • 94 two-room flats (48 m2)
  • 79 three-room flats (75 m2)
  • 2 flats with four rooms (121 m2)

So even if you and your (larger) family are looking for a rental property, the Edge could be a real possibility for you.

Does that sound like the future to you? Then this project is definitely worth keeping an eye on for registration and completion. For more information, you can always ask us your questions!