Future living in Eindhoven: The Bakermat

Future living in Eindhoven: The Bakermat

Future living in Eindhoven: The Bakermat

Perhaps you have heard about it, seen it on the news, or are in the midst of the situation yourself. The shortage of housing facilities in and around Eindhoven. Numerous projects are being initiated to be able to provide more residents with a nice house, flat or temporary home in the future. In order to give you a better idea of all the housing projects that are currently taking place and may well include your future new address, we put a beautiful project in the spotlight every week in our blogs. If you are particularly interested in one of these projects, please feel free to contact us for more information.

The Bakermat

As our first post, we would like to introduce you to one of the top projects. A project commissioned and developed by SDK Real Estate. This beautiful new apartment complex has space for no less than 235 new flats and was designed by top professionals: Maarten Baas and Van Aken Architects. These designers with a special love for the city of Eindhoven have not only designed a great complex but have also gone one step further in the field of sustainability.

Sustainable flats

The designers opted for sustainable heat throughout the building. But not only that. A complete mobility plan was set up. This includes the promise of available electric cars and bicycles for the residents of the complex. An idealised living situation that is completely future-proof. This complex will truly be an added value for its residents.

When will The Bakermat get its first inhabitants?

A very good question! With a very nice answer as well. The flats in the building have already been purchased by Syntrus Achmea and will be available for rent next year, in 2022! So you only have to wait a little while longer. This makes it the ideal place to live for people who will be coming to work in Eindhoven next year or for people who would like to move to a more luxurious, sustainable flat.

Practical information about The Bakermat

The building is in an ideal location, directly within Eindhoven’s city center ring. Where the Auto Lichtstad garage has long been located, this apartment complex will be opened in a few months’ time. Exactly on the corner of Marconilaan, Boschdijk and Johannes van der Waalsweg. You won’t find them much more central.

The building will cover a total area of 38,000 square meters and will offer 235 brand-new flats to new residents. There are also 3 commercial spaces available.

Is The Bakermat a piece of you?

Are you coming to Eindhoven in 2022 from abroad or another place in the Netherlands? Then this is definitely worth applying for. Are you curious about the area and the possibilities that the building will offer or do you need help with other searches such as a good job or social circle? Then, of course, you can always contact us to talk about it together. We will help you!