Living differently in the north of Eindhoven – Buurtschap te Veld

This new neighbourhood forms a special district, in which 670 sustainable and affordable homes are being built in groups distributed throughout the district. Buurtschap te Veld is located in an almost hidden spot in the north of Eindhoven, between the city and nature. Here, in the beautiful landscape, a new neighbourhood is being created where people can live and socialise in a good atmosphere. Types...


Iconic, enviable living: Nieuw Bergen

If you have the luxury of looking for properties that have that little bit extra when you are house hunting, then the Nieuw Bergen project in Eindhoven could be the perfect project to apply for. With one of these houses, you will really be a winner. And the good news is that sales will start in 2022. So you can still be there! A new level of architecture A unique and modern design, where at the same...

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History meets modernity with Tivoli Eindhoven

Looking for a new home in Eindhoven? Then we have another tip for you today. A tip called Tivoli Eindhoven. A housing project that is already completely ready to go and even has only a few homes available. So in this case, don't think about it too long and be quick if you like what you see here today. We expect that this will certainly happen. If it's not for you, read our other blogs to see if there is a...

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GeWoon Eindhoven: Nice homes for normal prices

Yes, you read it correctly! They are almost impossible to find in today's housing market: Normal prices. But we have found something that will make you really happy, if you are looking for a nice, sustainable house, at the edge of Eindhoven city centre and affordable. A combination that is rare nowadays. But GeWoon Eindhoven makes it happen. Old houses in Eindhoven replaced by new ones Since January...

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The best of city and landscape: Berckelbosch Eindhoven

Finding a suitable place to live in Eindhoven and the surrounding area is not as easy as it seems. Fortunately, we can help you on your way with our best blogs on the best housing projects for now and in the future. Today's topic is Berckelbosch Eindhoven. Eindhoven's new garden village For those who are looking for a really special property, we recommend reading on. Berckelbosch is located just...

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Immediately available rental properties in VS Vredeoord Eindhoven

If you're talking about moving into a brand new property with rental properties in Eindhoven right away, then this might be the perfect blog for you to read. Today, we are going to show you the VS Vredeoord housing project. And the best part is, the registrations for these flats are already open. In fact, they will close in just under two weeks! So don't think about it for too long! Former Philips...

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All-in-one living in Eindhoven: Donna has it all!

All-in-one living in Eindhoven: Donna has it all! You have living and then you have LIVING! The Donna project really goes one step further and you can tell that from everything. Would you like to live on a large scale and maybe even work? Are you ready to take the next step to a higher level in the years to come? Then you need Donna. And Donna needs you to keep the level up! This already available...

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NEXT: Your next dream location in Eindhoven!

NEXT: Your next dream location in Eindhoven! If we are talking about luxury living in a prime location, then we can say that NEXT Strijp completely fits the bill. As a new, already available residential project, this is the ideal place for people with a flexible budget who are looking for a home on which they can build a future. Why this could be your new home in Eindhoven, we will explain...

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Renting in Eindhoven in the next few years? Then this is for you!

Renting in Eindhoven in the next few years? Then this is for you! Having to search for a good place to stay at the last minute is no longer an option in today's housing market. There is more demand for housing than can be offered and therefore Eindhoven is busy with new housing projects to be completed this or next year that can offer a place to live for many people. This includes the Edge project,...

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Want to live in the heart of Eindhoven on short notice?

No rights can be derived from the photo above. Want to live in the heart of Eindhoven on short notice? You can! Soon you too can live in the center of Eindhoven. Various residential projects are currently under construction, some of which will soon be available for rent or sale. Today in the spotlight, a project that can ensure that you will soon find your place in Eindhoven. And good news. This...

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